The Small Towns of Character

This label allows national elected officials and residents to preserve and enhance the built heritage of their town, and thereby to safeguard and transmit the legacies of a past marked by a big name or legendary, tradition and know-how ….

South Vendee has 4 « Small Cities of Character » that meet many criteria for the delight of lovers of old stones: Nieul on Autise, Vouvant Faymoreau and Foussais Payré.
These « Small Cities of Character » come alive throughout the year and have been in their architectural treasures as the setting for the prestigious festival « Musical Nights in Vendée Romane ».

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To visit:
Nieul on Autise: Royal Abbey of St Vincent – Nieul on Autise, The House of Milling – Nieul on Autise, Camp Neolithic « Champ Durand »
Vouvant: The Tower and the House of Melusine – Vouvant, artists’ studios Painters, the Nave Téodelin, Romanesque church, the porch ….
Foussais Payré: Romanesque church, the village of Payré, city hall park, Taste Workshops: a biscuit and chocolate factory with a shop, lessons and discoveries! More information on
Faymoreau: Mining Centre Faymoreau the Village and its settlements, the chapel and stained glass contemporary art made ​​by Carmelo Zagari

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